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The members of Pullet Growers of Canada (PGC) are the provincial egg boards that represent the interest of pullet growers and egg farmers. Currently, three provincial egg boards are active members of PGC. They include:


PGC’s members benefit from many advantages such as:

  • a designated seat at the Board of Directors and thus direct participation in decision-making processes;
  • the opportunity to participate to national committees;
  • the opportunity to improve the economic return to pullet growers;
  • access to the Care of Pullets Guidebook which can then be shared with the pullet growers of their province;
  • the opportunity to facilitate implementation of the Code of Practice in their province by sharing information with the pullet growers and offering technical support;
  • access to cutting-edge information regarding pullet rearing.


“Convinced of the importance to have an organization that takes care of the development and the structure of the pullet production at the national level in close collaboration with provincial egg boards, the Fédération des producteurs d’œufs du Québec is proud to support Pullet Growers of Canada (PGC). PGC’s actions enable pullet growers to assert their concerns, to build on several important issues and to have an effective communication channel between growers and their organization. As an essential link in the poultry industry, the pullet plays a front-line role in the production of quality eggs for consumers.”

“Egg Farmers of New Brunswick supports Pullet Growers of Canada because it fills a gap at the national level between the day-old chick and the 19-week layer. The egg industry benefits from having an organization that represents this integral part of our production chain and communicates directly with Egg Boards and Egg Farmers of Canada on issues of concern to pullet growers.”


All provincial egg boards are welcome to be members of Pullet Growers of Canada. Membership is based on a financial contribution and the designation of a provincial representative on the Board of Directors. The financial contribution is based on the provincial quota allocation for the regulated sector for layers and excludes eggs for processing. The contribution rate is $0.0075 per layer.

For more details, please contact us by email at or by phone at 450 679-0540 ext. 8589.

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