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Canada is the only country to have a national organization, known as Pullet Growers of Canada (PGC), representing the interest of pullet growers and working to ensure their success as critical partners in the Canadian egg industry. This translates into a unique opportunity to put into practice relevant principles for all the Canadian pullet growers such as a fair return for their production.

Canada is also one of the first countries to provide guidelines on pullet rearing and transportation by the mean of national Codes of Practice. Hence, PGC acts as a facilitator between the pullet growers and national organizations such as the National Farm Animal Care Council and Egg Farmers of Canada for the implementation of the requirements of these Codes of Practice.

Since Canadians’ demand for fresh and processed eggs is steadily increasing over time, recent and future quota allocations are sure to increase the pressure on the implementation of the national Codes of Practice. PGC is the only organization that can contribute to the implementation of national standards for pullet production in a consistent way and in harmony with egg production standards.

PGC intends to get involved in the implementation of a certifiable and auditable national standard which will make Canada one of the few countries to have an Egg Quality Assurance™(EQA™) program spanning from the day-old chick to the laying hen. The EQA™ program links the food safety program Start Clean-Stay Clean® and the Egg Farmers of Canada Animal Care Programs and ensures Canadians get fresh, local and high-quality eggs produced by Canadian farmers.

By now, pullet growers are investing substantially in their facilities to keep pace with the egg farmers’ demand for pullets reared in non-cage systems. Indeed, some retailers and transformers now require that laying hens be housed in non-cage systems since birth. It is thus more important than ever that the price received by pullet growers minimally reflects the cost of growing pullets in these new and improved facilities. PGC is the only organization that can contribute to the establishment and implementation of the cost of growing in the various operating facilities.

PGC intends to remain the standalone voice of the Canadian pullet growers. Because pullet growers are the foundation suppliers that set the layer farm up for success, our organization is crucial to the whole table egg supply chain. In order to strengthen this national voice for pullet growers, we strongly believe that all provincial egg boards should be members of our organization.

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