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Business Plan 2019-2023

As a first step towards crafting the new Business Plan of Pullet Growers of Canada (PGC), a questionnaire was sent to all the provincial egg boards. The top three priorities that were pinpointed by the organizations were animal care (implementation of the Code of Practice, funding, training), representation (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Egg Farmers of Canada, etc.) and cost of growing (alternate housing, insurances, depreciation on equipment, etc.).

During the fall of 2018, PGC held a strategic planning session in Ottawa involving the general managers of the provincial egg boards. During the session it was determined that PGC continues to have relevance in the table egg supply chain, and in fact can be a critical success factor in ensuring that pullet grower concerns are addressed in a proactive and positive way.

As a direct result of discussion and debate in the session, the PGC has refined its strategic direction and is optimistic about its future. There are still important questions and uncertainty regarding jurisdiction of authority in the pullet industry. However, the fact is that there are good examples (Start Clean Stay Clean®) of where stakeholders were able to work together despite this uncertainty in order to deliver a national program that includes consideration for pullet production operating realities.

While obtaining Agency Status remains one of our long-term goals, the PGC will no longer be defined by these activities. Rather, the PGC is now focused on providing value to the table egg supply chain. It will remain an independent and autonomous organization which nurtures its relationships with stakeholders through different channels and/or initiatives. Most important is the fact that as a standalone organization representing the pullet growers, PGC can provide significant benefits to provincial agencies as well as Egg Farmers of Canada by bringing pullet grower concerns to the table in an informed way.

The following elements are addressed specifically in PGC’s 2019-2023 Business Plan:

  1. The PGC’s legitimate status as the key representative of pullet growers across Canada

    The fact is that pullet growers are a critical element in the table egg industry supply chain. Their activities directly impact egg production systems and need to be considered when decisions affecting their business are made. In most cases the Provincial Egg Boards do not have formal authority over production and as a result the PGC can provide the Boards with significant insight as to the needs to pullet growers – be they independent, own production & commercial, or only own production focused.

  2. The PGC’s intent to deliver on its Key Result Areas (KRA’s)

    The four KRA’s have been refined and defined in a way that lends clarity in purpose and transparent roles and responsibilities. Clarity in KRA definitions facilitates a more direct purpose for PGC that will help ensure that stakeholders clearly understand its role and respect the work that PGC has done and continues to do for the pullet growers in Canada.

  3. A more strategic path forward for the PGC

    As part of the PGC Strategic Planning Session, the Mission and Vision has been augmented to better define and in fact reflect the needs of the members as well as the industry stakeholder group. Developing the tactical approach for the PGC in the coming years will be based on the new Mission and Vision ensuring a more directed and progressive tactical plan.

  4. The PGC’s long-term viability

    The PGC will deliver value to members in a very direct and focused manner. This will validate the budget request and ensure that there is accountability. The real key is a long-term sustainable funding model agreement with the membership so that PGC can conduct the critical work that is needed and ensure that pullet growers across Canada have their needs addressed in a systematic and thorough approach. To be clear, the PGC is not requesting additional funds, only that the funds be allocated using a longer-term mechanism so that there is assurance of resources. The PGC is dedicated to demonstrating value to the membership provinces in order to validate their support.

Business Plan 2019-2023

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