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Message from the Chair

Dear pullet growers, egg producers and industrial partners,

Challenges for the Pullet Growers

Two years since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Canada and we are still dealing with its impacts in our professional and personal lives. Ongoing sanitary measures, rising costs along the supply chain and overall uncertainty remain important concerns for 2022. The recent discovery of avian influenza cases in Atlantic provinces adds to this uncertainty. In this context, constant vigilance by pullet growers and egg producers is essential, and we cannot overemphasize the importance of farm biosecurity. However, these events also require a collective response, and I am convinced that the pullet and egg industry will rise to the challenge.

PGC priorities pursued in 2022

It’s with this notion of strength through collaboration that Pullet Growers of Canada (PGC) tackles each of its priorities. In 2021, PGC continued working on the development of the Animal Care Program for pullets with Egg Farmers of Canada. PGC also allied with many provincial egg boards following the unveiling of the Poultry and Egg On-Farm Investment Program (PEOFIP) to ask the federal minister of Agriculture that pullet growers be thoroughly considered in any discussion surrounding the creation of future compensation programs for the egg industry. For PGC, the PEOFIP was a clear illustration of the need to better communicate the strategic importance of our growers, including independent ones, in the egg supply chain. This is a challenge that PGC will continue to tackle in the coming years, and I call on all our partners to join us in this endeavour.

In 2022, PGC will undertake various actions to defend the interests of pullet growers and ensure their success as critical partners in the Canadian egg industry, as per its mission. It will be a pleasure to discuss these priorities with members and partners at our Annual General Meeting in Ottawa on March 22. I am looking forward to reconnecting in-person with members and partners.

Very cordially yours,

François Jacques,

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