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On the eve of our Annual General Meeting scheduled for April 9th, I would like to take a moment to talk to you about the importance of pullet farmers in the egg industry.

First of all, pullet farmers play a distinct and at the same time complementary role to that of egg producers. The main activity is to ensure that the chicks develop in a healthy way and reach sexual maturity in optimal conditions. This involves proper nutrition and regular care in a suitable environment. From 0 to 19 weeks, the hen will spend 25% of her life in the pullet barn before being transferred to layer barn.

Good pullet growing is vitally important for the egg producer to ensure the profitability, sustainability and quality of the eggs produced. The pullet grower plays a crucial role in preparing hens for a successful life of egg production, which translates into better overall farm performance for egg producers.

The vulnerability of pullet farming can have serious consequences for the entire egg industry, ranging from supply shortages to animal welfare issues, as well as risks of disease in the flocks, which will have impacts on the economic sustainability of the industry. It is crucial to ensure the management of pullet rearing to ensure the stability and sustainability of the entire egg industry chain.

The representation of pullet growers in Canada is therefore essential to ensure consistent supply management, compliance with animal welfare standards, meaningful participation in industry decisions, and support for research and development.

While responsibilities differ, these two roles are closely linked and essential to the egg production chain. Together, they help meet the growing demand for poultry products while maintaining high standards of animal welfare, egg quality, and environmental sustainability.

I wish us a long collaboration for the best interest of the industry!

Hope to see you and talk to you at the Annual General Meeting of the Pullet Growers of Canada next week,

Yours sincerely

Marie-Josée Forest


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