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PGC’s directors and staff have been very active in the last few months to advance several important files for the pullet industry. Here is a brief update on some of these files:

Strategic Planning

Last summer, PGC initiated a strategic planning exercise, which should lead to a new strategic plan covering the 2024-2028 period. This exercise arrives during a pivotal period for the industry that should see the requirements from the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pullets and Laying Hens being implemented in pullet barns across Canada.

Considering this and other changes to the business environment (e.g., growing demand for eggs, inflation, etc.), PGC feels that important issues must be addressed in collaboration with its partners. How do we ensure that a sufficient number of pullets are grown according to the requirements of the national Animal Care and Start Clean-Stay Clean® Programs? How will we monitor this in an efficient manner? How will we ensure that growers receive sufficient compensation to invest in modernizing their barns to comply with new social expectations?

These discussions will be critical in identifying relevant orientations for the coming years and ensure that pullet growers can benefit from a national representation that is in tune with their needs and that of the industry.

Consultations with our partners are well underway, a meeting was held on March 26 with the general manager’s of the provincial federations to discuss the future of the Pullet Growers of Canada, the need for pullet representation and possible options.

As a pullet grower, you are invited to complete a survey on the future of pullet representation in Canada.


Cost of Growing Study

The Cost of Growing (COG) study, launched earlier in 2023, is progressing as planned. Serecon, the firm mandated to conduct the study, has completed the data collection phase, and we were pleased by the level of participation from pullet growers. PGC would like to thank participants for their precious collaboration, which will help in providing the necessary information to ensure that growers receive an income that covers the cost of growing pullets, as well as a fair rate of return for both their equity and management. We hope to be able to provide the results to our members in a few weeks.

2025 Review of the Canadian Organic Standards

As announced in a 2023 July post, PGC proposed an amendment to the Canadian Organic Standard, regarding the maximum allowable density in indoor areas for pullets 0-8 weeks old. Since then, PGC developed material to support this proposal, detailing the practises used by organic pullet growers on their farms to ensure proper care for their birds. This proposal will be examined by the Organic Standard Revision Committee in the coming months.

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