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Pullet Growers of Canada (PGC), in its mission to support all Canadian pullet growers, wishes to mobilize its national network involved in organic production on a concern regarding section 6.13.13 of the Canadian standard for organic production systems.

It has been reported to the organization that the maximum allowable density in indoor areas for pullets 0-8 weeks old, as detailed in Table 5, is outdated, given the evolution of housing systems, more specifically aviaries. In this type of system, the rearing of pullets between 0 and 4 weeks old takes place in a defined space before opening the system doors, giving the birds access to all the environment available within the building. However, during these first 4 weeks, PGC believes that it is not possible to respect the current standard of 24 birds/m2 and that a higher population density is necessary for reasons of animal welfare. Indeed, a higher population density at the start of rearing helps the chicks to regulate their body temperature, reduces the initial mortality rate and promotes the discovery of feeding and watering by the animals.

Many growers across Canada have raised this as a critical issue that needs to be seriously considered by the Canadian Organic Standards Review Committee, whose work will begin shortly. An amendment to the current standards would be the ideal answer since growers are currently updating their housing systems to align with the transition that has been taking place for a few years among egg producers.

PGC supports this claim and believes that maintaining a local supply of quality organic pullets will benefit everyone. PGC intends to propose an amendment to the standard and invites all stakeholders concerned to join them in conveying a strong and common message. To do so, please click on the following link to fin the Revision Proposal Form containing a proposal for modification in section II. If this proposal suits you, all you have to do is complete section I of the form, then send it by email to before the deadline of July 28, 2023

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